Quarantine upon arrival in Singapore

Almost everyone who is going to come to study in Singapore is worried about the nuances of going through mandatory quarantine. This process scares many, although there is nothing wrong with it. And the best way to learn about this is from the reviews of those who have already passed it. The floor is given to our students.

Hello, I am a SIM student in Singapore who flew in at the end of March this year. I flew from Moscow. After landing, everything was, in principle, as usual, got off the plane, went through passport control, then got a suitcase. To get confused or not know where to go will not work, since with precautions due to covid, there is only one way out. Then you go to take the covid test, where there is nothing complicated either, and then you are taken to the hotel. You cannot choose a hotel, there is no such option. A certain number of people are counted and taken to the hotel. I was taken to the Intercontinental which is located on Clarke Quay. The room was nice, new and clean. Not large, about 30 squares. No balcony, unfortunately. It was impossible to go out, in the corridor right in front of the door there was a small table where food and various parcels were placed. Bed linen, towels, etc. were changed several times a week. They were fed 3 times a day. The cuisine is mainly Asian. You can freely order food delivery at any time. At the end of the quarantine, a covid test is taken, and if the result is negative, then the next day they are discharged from the hotel. They are also escorted to the exit and there is already a taxi and freedom!