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St John’s International School (SJIS) is located in Kuala Lumpur, one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. SJIS offers international students the IGCSE and A-Level examination. The school shares a historic building that dates back to 1904. SJIS focuses on character development, academic achievement, moral values, and leadership qualities. The Lasallian school has groomed Ministers, CEOs, and Malaysia’s astronaut. 

SJIS aims to provide a high-quality holistic education. The campus sits in a green environment inside the Kuala Lumpur business district. 

There are 20 students per class. They come from various cultural backgrounds from around the world. The students are active in sports, music, photography, drama, dance, art and design. They are also involved in community development activities to build their character. The school leaders guide students to care for those in need. The students in SJIS are independent, disciplined, and respectful.

Many graduates from SJIS have proceeded with their university education. They go to Heriot- Watt University (Scotland), Warwick University (UK), Monash University (AUS), London School of Economics (UK), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Nottingham University (UK), Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland), Melbourne University (AUS), and Moscow State Medical University (Russia). Many other graduates are studying in other dignified universities.

Between 2012 - 2016, SJIS obtained 100% pass in the IGCSE examination. 57% of the students scored A or A*. That is a very outstanding achievement.

SJIS has almost 600 students in 2018. It has the capacity to accommodate another 500 students from all over Asia. Students take learning seriously, and they interact with different cultures. They develop trust and lasting friendships in Kuala Lumpur. SJIS maintains a high standard of international education and etiquette. It offers students a fulfilling learning journey.

SJIS students believe in the importance of moral values and care for others. They strive to get along harmoniously with others.

The founders and leaders of SJIS have successfully passed on the passion for learning to the students. For many years, the school has performed well in international competitions. In the recent Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO), the following students performed with distinction. 

  • Wayan Wong Jian Wei was awarded the Gold Award.
  • Hwang Char Eun, Kim Dahye, and Tong Hui Qi were awarded the Silver Award.

Let your child join a school that encourages positive competition and compassion.

The senior management in SJIS is experienced and caring towards the staff and students. SJIS offers students a world-class education by using the IGCSE syllabus.

SJIS is an accredited institution by Cambridge Assessment International Education and the Ministry of Education Malaysia. It has also earned ISO 9001certification.

SJIS is a 4-star institution!