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BHMS, located in the very center of Lucerne, is part of the Bénédict Education Group, founded in 1928 by the Bénédict Group mission - to provide higher education to ambitious and motivated people. Bénédict School is one of the largest private educational institutions in Switzerland, more than 15,000 students study here annually.

On the Bénédict Zürich campus, more than 8,000 students annually have the opportunity to receive a bachelor's, master's or MBA degree in various specialties: foreign languages, medicine, IT, business management, entrepreneurship.

The BHMS campus, Lucerne, annually prepares about 1,000 students for a future career in hospitality and other businesses. BHMS together with Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen, UK offer undergraduate and graduate programs. BHMS also offers an MBA program in three specialties.

BHMS has several buildings in the very center of Lucerne - these are residential residences and academic buildings. All of them are within walking distance of each other. The main residence of the university is City Campus, located 10 minutes from the historical part of Lucerne. It contains rooms for students, reception and administration offices, one of the restaurants of the university. The educational buildings are equipped with the latest technology, there is also a "laboratory" for studying foreign languages.

Why study at BHMS?

Perfect location in the heart of Lucerne

The buildings of the BHMS campuses are located within walking distance from each other and from the very center of Lucerne. This allows students to enjoy the beautiful views, historical sights and amazing charm of this unique city.

Bachelor's degree in the shortest possible time

BHMS Business & Hotel Management School (in partnership with The Robert Gordon University) has developed one of the shortest undergraduate programs in Switzerland. At BHMS, students can earn a bachelor's degree in “Hotel Management”, “International Business Management” and “Culinary Arts” for 18 months of study plus 18 months of internship. Similar training at another Swiss management school will require 24 months of study plus 12 months of internship. So, BHMS graduates have the advantage of 6 additional months of paid internship in Switzerland.

Unique 5-week quarter system

Each 20-week study term in BHMS is divided into 4 mini-periods of 5 weeks each. Each of these quarters is followed by one week of vacation. This allows students to focus on only 3-4 studied subjects at the same time instead of the standard 8-10 subjects in other schools. As a result, BHMS students study 16 subjects during the semester, paying due attention to each and not overloading.

Guaranteed internship and employment of graduates

The practical part is an integral part of studying at BHMS. Within each academic year, students are required to undergo 4-6 months of paid internships in the hospitality industry - hotels or restaurants. In addition, BHMS works with many international recruitment agencies that specialize in recruiting graduate students in Europe, Asia and North America. A career consultant provides employment assistance to hotels and restaurants in Switzerland and abroad.


BHMS is accredited by EduQua of Switzerland in accordance with cantonal and federal laws. EduQua is a Swiss quality mark for educational institutions. The university also has federal accreditation of the Swiss government and is included in the official state list of educational institutions of higher education.

For undergraduate and graduate programs, BHMS collaborates with The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK. According to The Times Good University Guide 2013, The Robert Gordon University is the most modern university in England.

The main partners of BHMS are educational institutions, accreditation committees and organizations

Visa application

In the event that you need a visa to enter Switzerland, you must begin the process of applying for it as part of the process of entering the BHMS School of Business and Hotel Management. Without this, you cannot enter the country to start training.

If you are not sure if you need a student visa to enter Switzerland, please contact us, our local representative or the Swiss Embassy in your country. Requests in Russian can be sent to myshalova@bhms.ch

The process of applying for and applying for a Swiss visa can take up to 12 weeks, and you should keep this in mind when planning your start date.

The BHMS Admissions Office and / or the local BHMS representative will help you organize this process and provide you with all the necessary documents for obtaining a Swiss visa.