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About institution


Living on campus is an important part of your educational experience here at Southwestern.  As you live with classmates from around the world, you’ll learn more about other cultures and expand your horizons—and have lots of fun! There is always someone around to hang out with, help with that math problem, or lend a listening ear when you need one. In our dorms and in our classrooms, lifelong friendships are made.

Boarding schools receive high marks from their students. Recent research shows boarding schools deliver big benefits. 

The survey also found that, compared to day students, boarding students:

  • Devote more time to homework and extracurricular activities 
  • (and significantly less time watching TV)
  • Spend more time with teachers outside the classroom
  • Learn how to set goals and budget time
  • Practice self-discipline and responsibility
  • Learn to act and think independently
  • Develop leadership skills

In fact, the research study cited 78% of boarding school graduates say they were very well prepared for the non-academic aspects of college life, such as independence, social life, and time management as opposed to 36% of private day school students.


Here, you can reach your highest potential, participate in sports and activities, and make lifelong friendships. Our students study on two picturesque and complementary campuses in San Marino, California, and Rimrock, Arizona.

Southwestern offers two distinct environments, both of them scenic and peaceful.  You may choose your campus. Or, depending on availability, you may spend a week, a month, or a semester at the other campus without missing any classes—your studies are coordinated between the two campuses.

San Marino
Located in Southern California, ten miles from downtown Los Angeles, the San Marino campus is set in a safe, upscale suburb with all the exciting opportunities of a vibrant big city nearby.

Beaver Creek Ranch
In northern Arizona, Southwestern Academy is 12 miles from the city of Sedona, an international tourist destination. Set in a stunning redrock canyon, this campus is a nature lover’s paradise.

At Southwestern Academy:

  • A rigorous curriculum prepares students for college
  • A supportive, caring community makes every student feel included
  • Small class sizes offer personal attention
  • An intensive ESL Program teaches English quickly
  • Our dedicated faculty inspire students
  • Two distinctive campuses provide beautiful settings
  • Extracurricular activities build well-rounded students
  • The international student body promotes multi-cultural understanding


In classes of 8 to 12 students, each student benefits from personalized attention. It’s the key to unlocking your potential, whether you’re a highly motivated learner or a bright student with good capabilities who could be doing better. Classes are grouped by achievement rather than age, so students learn at their own pace.

Caring, Dedicated Faculty
Our dedicated teachers work diligently with students and take the extra time as needed to help each one succeed. They teach students, not just lessons.

College Preparation
All of our students go to college. Southwestern prepares you— not simply to be accepted into college, but to excel there. Our students develop solid study habits, time management and self-discipline.

ESL Program
We offer an intensive, three-level program to teach English as a Second Language, with some transitional classes in different subjects. Once students pass all three levels, they enter our mainstream classes.

Postgraduate Year
If you need more time after graduation to advance your skills to the university level, Southwestern offers a customized Postgraduate year.

PSAT Information

The results of the PSAT results are in. A copy of the PSAT results will be held on file here at Southwestern Academy. An additional copy has been given to the student along with the test booklets.

Please take a moment to review student’s test scores. If you have any questions regarding the scores, or how to interpret them please feel free to contact the Dean's office.

The selection index is especially helpful to read. A zero can be added to the end of the selection index score to estimate what the student’s potential SAT score might be. For example if the PSAT selection index is a 150 that would be the equivalent of 1500 on the SAT.

The PSAT is a practice test, at it should be noted that students scores are not shared with any college, university, or other institution. The PSAT is only for families, students and Southwestern Academy. The scores are private.

The PSAT’s are helpful for the following reasons:

1. HIGHER SAT SCORES: The PSAT prepares students for the SAT. Students who take the PSAT average 120 points higher on the SAT.

2. FREE MONEY: PSAT takers are entered into scholarship and recognition programs. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation competitions as well as other programs.

3. PLANS FOR COLLEGE: Students who take the PSAT get free access to My College QuickStart, a personalized online college and career planning kit that helps students search for colleges, explore majors and careers.

4. FREE INFORMATION: Free information about admissions and financial aid from colleges, universities and scholarship programs will be sent to you.

5. IMPROVEMENT: This is what it is all about! Students get a comprehensive, personalized report about test performance. This will tell you exactly which questions you missed, and you can look back in your test booklet. This is valuable information.

We encourage all students to make every effort to improve their PSAT scores. They are the best indication of how the student might do on the SAT’s.


On our small campuses, all students participate, contribute, and belong.

International Outlook
You’ll arrive at Southwestern as a citizen of your country, and leave as a citizen of the world.  As you interact with students from different cultures, you’ll gain a new perspective and make treasured friendships that reach across international borders. 

Fulfilling Activities
Southwestern offers dozens of opportunities beyond schoolwork. You may be active in clubs, create art and music, participate in student government, join our sports teams, and donate your time in community service.

Special Events and Field Trips
Students celebrate a number of special events, and field trips are regularly scheduled to take advantage of the learning opportunities in the area.

List of programs

Admission process


We’re looking for intelligent, active young people who are ready to participate in the school’s varied activities and classes. We also welcome your application if you’re not experiencing success or fulfillment in school, but are willing to try to do better work with our support. We accept applications year-round for entrance when space permits.

We invite you to find out more about Southwestern Academy. The best way to get to know Southwestern Academy is by visiting. Students and parents can walk the campus, see a class in action, talk to other students, and even visit overnight.


Southwestern Academy accepts applications throughout the year. Our Admissions Office accepts students for entrance any time space is available.

To apply, review and complete the Southwestern application. You can either apply online , or you can download an application to print out, complete, and mail to us.

We also require:

  1. $100 Application fee
  2. Three letters of recommendation from current teachers or school officials
  3. Transcripts of a student's school records for the past three years
  4. Health report and updated immunization records
  5. A personal interview is not required, but is encouraged. (Students are welcome to spend a day visiting our classes, and spend the night in the dorms.)

On acceptance, the application contract reserves space in the school. Applicants for the fall are normally selected the prior spring as space is sharply limited, particularly for day students.

International Student Visa:
The I-20 application form for a student visa to enter the United States is sent by Southwestern when a student is accepted and has paid tuition.



Our campus dormitories offer a safe and fully supportive environment, supervised by resident counselors. These dorm parents live in adjacent apartments, and are responsible for the well-being of each student. Parents and students are given a list of dorm needs before the beginning of a school term.

Both Southwestern Academy campuses offer:

  • Separate girls’ and boys’ dormitories with twin beds, desks, 
  • chairs, dressers or shelves, and closet areas
  • Television lounge and VCR or DVD player
  • T-1 Internet connectivity and e-mail account
  • Laundry facilities

Food Service
Our kitchens offer students a delicious, healthy diet. The menus are professionally planned with variety and nutritional balance in mind, and 
change on a regular cycle. Teachers and staff members eat family-style 
with the students. Our dining program includes:

  • Buffet-style, hot cooked breakfasts
  • Family-style lunches and dinners
  • Daily salad and soup bars
  • Accommodation for special diets (such as vegetarian and vegan)
  • Student snack bars open in the afternoons and evenings
  • Monthly International Dinners featuring the student-planned and prepared cuisine



Full list of universities and colleges where our Class of 2015 students have been accepted

Our in-depth college counseling helps match students to the right schools and prepares them for the challenges of university life. Our college and university counselor coordinates the search process with the assistance of the heads of each academic area.

Support also includes:

  • Regular meetings with a faculty advisor to plan study schedules and monitor performance and progress
  • Test preparation for SAT, ACT, and TOEFL
  • Access to a wide variety of college investigation and planning resources
  • Visits to colleges and universities located in the region
  • On-campus college recruitment sessions
  • Presentations from speakers about college topics
  • Assistance with college and university applications




Families who are concerned that affording Southwestern Academy may be beyond their means are encouraged to consider applying for financial aid or participating in one of the payment plans offered by the school. 

Payment Plans

Southwestern is committed to employing flexible arrangements for families who need it to pay for tuition and fees.  We exam the unique circumstances of your family situation and recommend a plan that makes sense for all parties.  If a payment plan is needed to make attending Southwestern affordable please let our staff know of your concerns and we in turn will do our best to work with you.

Examples of payment plans that have worked in the past include:

A.           Tuition paid in two installments two-thirds by August 1; balance by December 15

B.           Tuition paid in 9 monthly installments September – June

Financial Aid

Southwestern Academy is committed to being affordable and accessible to applicants who are US Citizens , regardless of their financial circumstances (Financial Aid is not offered to international students).  In the 2009-2010 school year, 17 percent of Southwestern Academy’s families received tuition assistance. The Financial Aid Committee grants these limited awards based on a family’s individual demonstrated financial need and the student’s qualifications.

Before arriving


Boarding students need to bring clothing for classes and recreation, with enough changes to last a week until laundering. The dress code lists clothing needed.

Dorms have twin beds, desks, chairs, dressers or shelves, closet areas, and a combination-lock safe that can hold two laptops; a recreation room or living room at or near each dorm has television. 

Our California dorms have online computer connections. Broadband Wi-Fi is provided at both campuses.  

Any dorm requirement can be purchased after arrival at school.  Dorm parents will help with purchases when students enter Southwestern.


  • Single-bed (36x75”) sheets  
  • Pillow and pillow cases
  • Blankets, beadspread
  • Mattress cover (required by law)
  • Bathrobe
  • Pajamas or nightgown
  • Slippers and/or shower thongs
  • Personal toiletries
  • Bath towels; washcloths
  • Clothes hangers
  • Alarm clock or clock radio
  • Padlocks for book and gym lockers


  • Small throw rug
  • Desk lamp (fluorescent or LED only)
  • Posters or pictures to decorate room
  • Radio, small stereo player with earphones
  • Hair dryer; iron
  • Laptop, tablet, or notebook computer with earphones (sorry, no room for desktops)
  • Small desk fan
  • Sports equipment
  • Cellular phone

Not Allowed In Dorms:

  • Heating or cooling devices (including halogen or incandescent lamps)
  • Hotpots, rice pots, refrigerators, coffee makers, etc. - (not allowed for fire and health safety)
  • PCs, large stereos, or large TV's
  • Other furniture


The Student Handbook describes the behavior expected from every Southwestern Academy student. In general, this means that students are expected to comply with reasonable rules, attend classes, do their assignments regularly, and set good moral examples for others.

Smoking is not permitted. Tobacco, alcohol, and narcotics are prohibited in any form and are grounds for expulsion. A system of daily rewards and penalties enforces our campus rules positively. While suspensions and expulsions are very rare, these ultimate penalties are used for continued unacceptable behavior.

Keeping parents informed is important to us. All of our families receive a Parent Handbook that includes the school calendar and other information. Parents are urged to read the handbook carefully and to keep it handy, since a number of questions are easily answered in its pages.

Parents also receive monthly newsletters and activities calendars with updates about special events, sports activities, and campus news. 

Dress Code
Southwestern Academy students do not wear uniforms, but we have a dress code. At evening meals, ties or dress shoes are not necessary, but all other rules apply. For complete information on the dress code, download our Student Handbook.

Appropriate Boys’ Clothing 

  • Dress shirt and tie or Southwestern polo shirt
  • Tailored slacks with belt
  • Tasteful colors and fabrics
  • Dress or casual-dress shoes with socks
  • Cardigan, crew or V-neck, or turtleneck sweater
  • Blazer, suit, or sports coat for special days

Not Acceptable For Boys

  • Baggy, jean-style, cargo style, or other informal pant; shorts
  • Any clothes with flashy or advertising designs
  • Shoes with cleats or noisy heels, or any boots; sandals or open-back shoes
  • Wearing no socks or no belt
  • Undershirt designs showing through dress shirt
  • Tank tops, sweat shirts/pants, hoodies, or caps/head coverings indoors
  • Body-piercing jewelry except small earrings
  • Any oversized clothing, too big for you  

Appropriate Girls’ Clothing

  • Collared blouse or Southwestern Polo Shirt, tucked in, with skirt or tailored slacks with belt
  • Tasteful colors and fabrics
  • Comfortable shoes, flats, or moderate heels
  • Ankle or knee high socks or tights, color-coordinated
  • Cardigan, crew, v-neck, or turtleneck sweaters worn over a blouse
  • Blazer, suits, or dresses

Not Acceptable For Girls

  • Short or tight-fitting clothing, sheer blouses, tank tops
  • Any clothes with flashy or advertising designs
  • Platforms or high-heeled shoes; casual boots; sandals or any open-back shoes
  • Fishnet or over-the-knee stockings
  • Shorts, Capri's, leggings, or jean-cut pants
  • Sweat shirts or pants, head coverings or hoodies, indoors


San Marino Campus 
Southwestern Academy
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Beaver Creek Campus 
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