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High school classes (grades 9-12) are arranged according to each student's background. Most classes are offered each year; a few only on alternate terms. Other classes can be developed when needed. All course work meets University of California entrance requirements.

Advisement and Counseling
Each student is assigned a faculty member as an advisor. This teacher helps students plan their schedules, maintains a record of progress towards graduation requirements, and generally oversees the academic performance of his/her students through frequent meetings.  

Honors and Awards
Academic recognitions are given at the end of each school year.  The Gold Award is given for straight “A” grades in all academic subjects. The Silver Award recognizes students who receive all “A” and “B” grades. Other recognition is given by departments and various community groups for outstanding performance.

Course commences in September


Tuition and Fees for the 2020-2021 Academic Year are as follows:

International Students $51,500 
(include Tuition, 7-Day room & board, and tutoring)

Incidental Deposit $2,000

Payment must be made in advance of the student arriving on campus to begin classes. Payments are refunded should the United States deny the visa, but no payment is refunded if a student is withdrawn or otherwise fails to attend. Application and enrollment terms and payments are outlined in the International Student Application and Contract.

Payment plans may be arranged through our Business Office.